1. God, our Father in heaven, loves us (John 3:16), does not want a single one of us to be lost in hell (2 Pet.3:9), deals with us as His dear children (Heb.12:7-10), commands us for our benefit (Deut.10:12,13), expects us to understand His will (Eph.5:17) and to obey His teaching (Heb.5:9).

2. In order for us to understand God's Will, He has given us commands, examples, and expects us to draw conclusions from facts he has given us. He expects us to use good judgment (expedients) in carrying out His teaching.

 3. This lesson will distinguish between  that which aids or assists us in doing the will of God and that which is an addition to what God wants us to  do.  This lesson is highly significant because God does not want us to go beyond His Word, as we shall see.





Build an ark, Gen.6:14

tools, transport of materials 

rafts, another boat 

Make a Tabernacle, Exodus 25:8,9

tools, tanning procedures

a third room

Sing, Eph.5:19  Col.3:16,17

tuning fork, pitch pipe, books, lights

play musical instruments(another kind of music)

Assemble to eat Lord's Supper, 1 Cor.11:20-33

place for assembly (bread, fruit of vine)

steak; ice tea  

L.S. on first day of week, Acts 20:7

place, any hour 


Church relief of  needy saints,1 Tim.5:16; Acts 6:1-6

clothing, shelter; provision for food

Church contribution to a benevolent organzation

Church to edify itself, 1 Timothy 5:17; Acts 20:28

 Building; maps, chalkboard

Church contribution to a college (another organization)

Baptize (immerse) Mark 16:15,16

 baptistery, river

sprinkle; pour (other kinds of actions)


Church sounding forth the Word, 1 Thess.1:8, Phil.4:15

T.V., Radio, Literature

Church contribution to a missionary society (another organization.)

Illustration: A father may say to his son, "Get on your bicycle, go to the store and purchase a quart of milk and a loaf of bread." The son goes to get on the bicycle but the tire is flat. He gets a pump and puts air in the tire. Pumping up the tire was not an addition to what the father said but it was an aid or expediency to carrying out the command to go on the bicycle. At the store the son gets a quart of milk, a loaf of bread, and some ice cream. The ice cream was another item, an addition, and hence, disobedience to the command of the father.  Indeed, there is a difference in an aid  and an addition. God expects us to learn the difference as we seek to understand His Will.

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