Mission Work/Support

Guyana March 2016 Mission. Six of the groups from the US are now back from their trip to Lethem, Guyana. Five others from the US landed in Lethem on Saturday (12th), and joined 12 others to go to two other villages in the north (Toka, Karasabai) to do a second medical mission in that area for the first time. The campaign for Christ in Lethem was a great success. There were 22 baptisms, 18 restorations, 185 Bible studies conducted in eight days, and five weddings. The highest attendance to the meeting was Thursday night with 215, with many people standing outside in the darkness. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Praise God! Listen and view David Myers' presentation on this mission given on March 27 located in our online sermons page.

India Missions (Ron Clayton) Reaching India with the Gospel of Christ.  See Ron Clayton's article 'Two million baptisms reveal India as greatest restoration movement of our time'.  These numbers are possible because India is a huge country with more than 1 billion people.  Today one of every six people in the world lives in India. See the April 2016 news letter and update on this mission.

Johnstown Pa The Richland church of Christ is a congregation of baptized believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to following the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the New Testament, as our only guide for faith and practice.

East End Preacher Fund Church of Christ at East End  Many preachers have been given aid by the church at East End to help them in their effort to preach God's word.  Several individuals have been helped financially with their education to become preachers and different congregations of the Lord's people have been assisted with finances to construct buildings in which to meet for worship.  See also Seek The Old Paths and Pioneerpreachers.com.

Faulkner Bible Dept The Bible is the heart of the curriculum at Faulkner University, accepted and taught as the inspired, authoritative, and all-sufficient word of God. Training for dedicated Christian service is emphasized in and out of the classroom.

Eastern European Mission EEM provides Bibles and biblical literature in more than 20 languages to nations of the former Communist Bloc. These materials are provided to individuals, mission churches, campaign groups and other organizations related to the Church that teach God's Word in former communist nations.

Childhaven Since 1909, Childhaven has been a safe and nurturing place for children. From the earliest days as one of Seattle's first child care centers for working mothers to its' position today as a national leader in caring for abused and neglected children, healing old hurts, nurturing young lives and empowering families to break the cycle of abuse and neglect and create lifelong loving relationships. Today, Childhaven serves some 300 young children and their families each year in three locations. This model childhood trauma treatment program has been replicated in communities throughout the state, in other parts of the United States and in Canada.

Mount Dora Children's Home A Christ-Centered haven for children and families in need. From the moment you step foot on our beautiful 70-acre campus, you will sense that there's something special about Mount Dora Children's Home. Since our founding in 1945, we have served as a Christ-centered haven for children and families who find themselves in need. This is a place where children are loved because we believe every child is a gift from God, made in His image and deserving of a good start in life. It is a place where children, single parents and others we serve can feel safe and be assured of receiving a friendly "hello" from people on campus.